The content on this page is our full response to questions posed by The Maidenhead Advertiser in the run up to the May 2nd elections in 2019. These were distilled down to just 250 words for publication on Thursday 4th April 2019.

This response has been led by Richard Wawman, tBf Candidate for St Mary’s Maidenhead, and agreed by all our candidates.

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Air pollution is the invisible killer and many residents are not sufficiently aware.


RBWM has 5 Air Quality Management Areas, two in Windsor, one each in Maidenhead, Bray and Wraysbury. They cover densely populated areas including schools and three have been in existence for ten years. We promise to review existing RBWM related plans and make some improvements quickly including planting pollutant-grabbing trees.


We should strive to reduce pollution as much as possible because, as the World Health Organisation says, any pollution damages health.


In RBWM, our biggest problem is traffic and its pollution is worst during decelerating/accelerating so tBf will review traffic-calming measures, especially road humps, and look to reduce pollution.


tBf will try hard to improve the borough’s transport infrastructure by:

  • working with the bus companies to ensure an integrated public bus service across the Borough and within the towns ensuring linkages to rail stations

  • working with the bus companies to reduce their emissions and increase their frequency

  • accelerating the implementation of the Cycle Action Plan


tBf will:

  • work with partners to inform and educate residents via their children (see below) and of the ten ways to reduce exposure to air pollution

  • encourage the use of non-polluting electric vehicles by providing free car parking and more charging points

  • investigate pollution hot spots and find ways to smooth the flow

  • encourage all new build homes to have access to electric charging points

  • scrutinise new builds and development for air pollution impact due to transport

  • encourage for large new developments that the on-road trucks are Euro VI, and off-road mobile machinery uses on-road quality diesel (not red diesel) and have particulate filters fitted


Childrens’ lungs haven’t fully developed and theirs are affected most. They can suffer

an increase in child psychotic episodes. So tBf will work with schools to encourage them to: inform pupils of the sources and risks of air pollution with the intention they will influence their parents; promote walking and cycling to school; car sharing; ‘No Idling’ signs during pick up/drop off.


We all have to think about our actions and choices at home: wood stoves, garden burning, single and 2 stroke engines such as lawnmowers.


The roll out of the mobile phone 5g network has started in the UK but there are some possible health risks which should be investigated before widespread adoption.