First, thank you for your interest in becoming a Councillor and joining tBF


Our Borough is at a transformational—and exciting—time in its history.  As a Councillor, the decisions you help make will affect residents’ lives for generations to come.

The benefits of standing as a tBf candidate are to give the public the reassurance that such candidates:

  • have been through a values-based selection process

  • are not a current member or an active supporter of a national political party

  • are committed to working together in making things better for their community.


It will also give you the reassurance that tBf will support you in canvassing and sharing some costs. In return, you will contribute your time and expertise to ensure the success of tBf as a whole and assist with fund-raising and public engagement activities.


As a starting point, we recommend you look at the Local Government Association’s “Be a Councillor” website (  This provides a wealth of information for prospective councillors including:

  • Eligibility

  • The role

  • Becoming a councillor

  • Experiences of current councillors


Councillors currently representing “the Borough first” will gladly give you an overview of what it’s like being a Councillor in the Royal Borough.

We will be organising opportunities for you to speak to one of them in Ascot, Maidenhead and Windsor, please get in touch.

We have prepared a document setting out what you can expect of us and what we will expect of you. We have titled it "Expectations" and it is below.


If you have any questions please send us an e-mail on

current intErview schedule

Further dates will be arranged as required. To make an appointment, please send us an e-mail on indicating which dates you are available.

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 tBf is not a national party and encourages independent thought. Councillors representing “the Borough first” share a common vision and values.

Our Vision is to create a Borough run BY  residents FOR  residents, ie putting the BOROUGH first. 


Our Values are HERE
they include:



We want you to be confident being a Councillor as part of “the Borough first”.  To that end, potential candidates will need to undergo a selection process.  This is very much a two-way conversation; you will be learning as much about us as we will about you, so that the best possible selections can be made.  All candidates, including former or current Councillors will go through this process.


Please click on the PDF logo below to open up, read and print a PDF of our Candidate Application Process.