Why is there a problem?

Our local council is being totally undermined, with national party politics and individual political ambition being prioritised before local need.

Councillors from the national parties are often told their primary responsibility is of unconditional loyalty to a party machine which, when coupled with the continual use of party whips, discourages creative solutions, collaboration, proper debate and is wholly inappropriate when considering local issues.

What is needed is people of independent thought coming together to run the Borough solely in the interests of residents.

What are the BOROUGH first’s policies?

tBf is grass roots up, not top down, so policies will not be 'imposed', but pledges agreed by those who would be enacting them.

Therefore ‘the BOROUGH first’ endorses councillors and future candidates who will work together, discuss and agree their election pledges which will be announced once they have been agreed.

This whole process will both prove their ability to work together and ensure that tBf councillors are best placed to effectively operate within the council's framework.

What is ‘the BOROUGH first’ (tBf)?

It is about a new style of politics based on shared values but independent of a particular ideology a person follows. tBf is an umbrella organisation to support our councillors and any future candidates who want to stand without being tied to any national party.

All tBf councillors have been through a selection process to ensure they have integrity, ability and are of honest intent. These individuals have signed an agreement confirming that they are not members of any national party, will work for the Borough as a whole and will engage and work with all representatives to ensure the best outcomes for all the residents of RBWM. This process will similarly be adopted for any future candidates.

What IS ‘the BOROUGH first’ doING?

tBf as an organisation will support their future candidates by:

  • ensuring that they understand how the council works and what their responsibilities are by holding training sessions prior to and after selection as candidates;

  • working with and assisting the endorsed candidates in their work to review and understand what the current administration has put in place;

  • backing their election campaigns.

How will ‘the BOROUGH first’ ensure their councillors unity without a party whip?

As tBf councillors have been selected on their integrity and ability, they agree that all policies are to be developed by discussion and informed by robust evidence, rather than created by a select few and then imposed on a wider group and whipped. We intend that, through a proper scrutiny process, the views of all councillors can be represented.
Therefore all views will be heard and robust policies developed that a majority can support. You get better policies that way.

Where a decision is critical, tBf councillors will be reminded of their agreement to putting the Borough first unless it is a clear matter of personal conscience, the detail of which should be aired publicly.

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