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Over the last ten years or so I’ve become more and more involved in my community. I’ve been really concerned how the disadvantaged in our community are losing out and have seen how vital a helping hand from volunteers is in getting them back on track.

I’ve helped where I could, whether volunteering for a local charity or actively participating in a planning matter. Several people have asked why I don’t become a Councillor. Up to now, I’ve always thought this was a role for someone else. Besides, I’m not a member of a national party, and standing as an Independent would be a pretty lonely and unsupported role.

I tried my utmost to effect positive change from the outside and have concluded the only way I can improve services for all residents is from the inside. I’m running with the support of the BOROUGH first (tBf) and want to encourage others to consider taking the plunge, and see if it’s for them – or not. Knowing that I had the support and training provided by tBf reassured me that I wouldn't be on my own. I knew that I would get the guidance I needed to run an effective campaign and, should I get the support of my electorate, serve as a Councillor.

My decision comes at a time when the Local Government Association (LGA) wants to increase the pool of talented people coming forward as Independent candidates in the May local elections. To this end, it has been promoting the work of Councillors the “Be A Councillor” campaign

So what sort of skills do you need to become a Councillor? Good Councillors come from a variety of backgrounds and different life experiences, but the glue which holds them together is that, according to the LGA, they “are capable, vibrant, energetic and engaged, with a commitment to local people and a passion for change”. If you think you tick these boxes, then you’re probably thinking “well, what’s involved, how big is the commitment?”

We, the tBf, have invited the LGA to run an evening event to explain what’s involved in becoming a councillor. The event will take place on Tuesday 13 November at 7.00 pm, at SportsAble in Maidenhead. If you want to learn more, then book a place (its free) by emailing

Meanwhile, I urge you to take a look at the “Be A Councillor” website, which has a mass of well-written information and videos on what it’s all about.

But what’s “the BOROUGH first”, or tBf? tBf emerged when a group of concerned RBWM residents got together and decided that the needs and wants of local residents would be better served if national politics was removed from our local council. What we needed, we felt, was a group of Independent Councillors committed to working together. But they would need support and help, so tBf was formed.

tBF is a local political party exclusively for the RBWM, whose purpose is to recruit, train and support residents from the “’I’m thinking of becoming a Councillor” stage through to “How do I run an election campaign” and then to the “How do I hit the ground running once elected in May”. Wherever you may be in your thinking, consider booking a place at the “Be A Councillor” event and get in touch with tBF to get to know Councillors, candidates and those working out their next steps.

More information on tBF can be found here:

Published and Promoted by Charles Hollingsworth on behalf of “the BOROUGH first“, both of PO BOX 4919, Maidenhead, SL60 1LS

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