Who are we?

the Borough first Independents (tBfI) is a group of local residents and independent councillors who share a common goal of ensuring that the needs of local RBWM residents are met and that they have a strong voice when issues are put before the council. We want to ensure that residents are put before party politics. 

the Borough first Independents'current Core Team is made up of residents from the Royal Borough and includes: David Buckley (Leader), Richard Hemmings (Treasurer), Cllr Helen Taylor, Cllr Helen Price, Cllr Geoff Hill, Cllr Lynne Jones, Cllr Neil Knowles, Heidi Berry, Andrew Hill, Charles Hollingsworth, Mick Jarvis, David Marks, Valerie Pike and Claire Stretton.


To read our Constitution document, please click on the PDF icon.